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Chianti, DaVinci

An amazing Chianti! Aromas of cherries and violets fill the nose while soft tannins allow the flavors to linger. As with any Chianti, this wine will pair excellently with any Italian dish.


Chianti, Piccini “Wicker”

What’s more Italian than a Chianti in a wicker bottle. This Chianti is more than just a pretty bottle. The aromas and flavors are true to Chianti traditions.


Rosso Dulce (“Sweet Red”) Roscato

Aromatic notes of cherry, blackberry, red raspberry. A touch of sweetness and bright acidity underlies the appeal of this charming wine.


Pinot Grigio, Bella Sera

Aromas of honeysuckle, pineapple, and apricots throughout. Refreshingly crisp with a silky finish. Great with grilledvegetables, light pastas and seafood.


Pinot Noir, Bella Sera

This silky smooth red is medium-bodied with soft supple tannins and a wonderful mouthfeel. This wine will demonstrate what all the fuss over Pinot Noirs is all about.


Sangria, Madria

Ok, you caught us, this isn’t an Italian wine, but with fruit flavors exploding from the glass, this wine shouldn’t be overlooked.