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Chardonnay, Dark Horse (California)

Rich flavors of apple, peach, and tropical fruit, mixed with layers of toasted oak and caramel make this wonderful Chardonnay.

Sauvignon Blanc, Mirassou (California)

This Sauvignon Blanc displays a soft mouthfeel and crisp flavors of tropical fruit and melon balanced with hints of grapefruit and pear.

Crisp White, Barefoot Refresh (California)

A unique blend of Pinot Grigio and Moscato. Fruity and light-bodied with aromas of peach and tangerine complemented by a juicy and sweet finish.

Pink Moscato, Pleasure Party (California)

The Moscato is fresh and delectable. The color is shiny and bright like pink lip gloss. Alovely balance of sweet sugar and tangy acidity. Serve chilled.

Moscato, Sutter Home (California)

Delightfully sweet with lush floral aromas. It’s easy to see why Moscato is quickly becoming a favorite white wine.

 Winter White, Leeanau Cellars (Michigan)

A lightly fruity and semi-sweet wine that is perfect for an afternoon lunch, a light dinner, or as an aperitif.